ankle deEP

by David Wirsig

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Cover photo courtesy of Westboro Baptist Church. Just kidding, I didn't get their permission. They are bigots.


released April 10, 2010



all rights reserved


David Wirsig Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Stormsong
When the storm comes, we will hide inside our homes.
But the wood and drywall won't keep us shelter from the cold
(it sinks into the bone, it never lets you go)
When the clouds fall, will you be afraid to speak?
'cause only God knows of what secrets we will keep,
the lives we'd one day lead, and sights we'll never see,
when the water's ankle deep,
we'll lay our burdens down and sleep.

But when we wake, a lightning's flash will break.
It illuminates our triumphs and mistakes.
The only one who knows our final resting place
will lay our plans to waste
in the reckoning of days.
Track Name: Slavesong
Tall grain and greenery alight in the sun.
It sets in the western sky, my day's work is done.
So shoulder your barley sack, look not to the hills.
The horizon draws closer but I'm standing still.

They came with horses, torches in hand.
No guilt of conscience set fire to the land.
Mothers and daughters knelt in the sand.
Sons and their fathers said "our people are damned."

every spirit was slain that day
in the blink of an eye
they came and they took away
like a thief in the night

High King of Heaven, take pity on me.
Send forth a fire, set your captives free.
Track Name: Kaden
A fire burns in the churchyard,
the chemicals conjured from lies.
A candlelit room is as dark as a tomb,
the gasoline sputters and dies.

The delegate stands on the altar,
screaming the truth through blind eyes.
"the moment we're paid all your troubles will fade"
the world hangs its head from outside.

They can't understand why these rules and demands
are the source of the water of life.
'Cause all they can see is the man on TV
begging for one more soul to indict.

Ah, but I thought you were here for the show,
so I'll give you a song and dance tonight.

We move o'er the ground like we're not here at all
sanctioned off by the laws we abide.
We promise to pray, shake your hand, walk away
never once will we look in your eye.

Ah, but I thought you were here for the show,
so I'll give you a song and dance tonight.

A fire is burning in Kaden,
awakening light in my eyes.
My soul is in bloom, is entirely consumed
as the flames stretch their arms towards the skies.